I have been invited to lecture and consult around the US and in other countries for universities and organizations seeking to improve their practices in global health. Here are a few of the responses to my in-person work:

Dr. Judith Lasker is one of the most engaging speakers whom I have ever had the good fortune of hearing. She spoke at our World Bioethics Day in October 2019 and discussed the ethics of short-term humanitarian missions. During the breaks, many of our students were eager to engage with her in one-on-one conversations. She is passionate about this topic, and it shows. We definitely want to have her back again in the future.

-Dr. Patrick J. Jung, Professor and Head, Milwaukee Unit of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, Milwaukee School of Engineering

On behalf of all of us here at Penn State, I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to come visit us. Everybody that I have talked to gave great feedback about your talk, the majority who said that you opened up their perspective to things they had not thought about. Thank you for pushing us to be better.

-Michael Chen, MD, Associate Director, Global Health Center, Penn State College of Medicine

Just wanted to thank you for a great talk that I think opened up the eyes of our medical students. The many questions that came up, showed how much they were engaged.

-Ziad Sifri, M.D., Director, Office of Global Health, New Jersey Medical School

I am so grateful you could share your expertise with us. I have heard many wonderful comments from fellow board members as well as Summit attendees about your presentations. Thank you for helping us clarify our future!!

-Nancy Bonalumi, R.N., President of the board, Project Helping Hands

With her thorough inquiry and thoughtful critique, Judith Lasker explores essential questions about the positive and negative impacts of short-term medical service. By showcasing the powerful effects of even the smallest actions by volunteers and their host organizations, she prompts introspection — which leads to change for the better.

-Kristina Graff, M.P.A., Executive Director, Timmy Global Health

We really enjoyed hosting you and I think your message was very informative and beneficial to all who attended, particularly the students.  It was great to see them so engaged; I can tell the students are much more aware of ethical implications of service trips in general after your talk, which is really great.

I enjoyed the opportunity to visit with you throughout the day and appreciated the new insight you gave me into how I can better support our students.  You definitely gave me ideas to incorporate into our course for next year (particularly about the Public Health projects and how to ensure the most benefit to the host community).

-Sondra T. Schreiber, M.A., Director of Global Health, Des Moines University