Lectures, Podcasts, and Conference Presentations

May 2022. Global Surgery Student Alliance: “Hoping to Help: The Red and Green Flags of Global Health Volunteering”

May 2022. American Association of Physicists in Medicine’s International Council Orientation/Townhall meeting: “Building ethical and effective partnerships in global health”

February 2022. University of Cincinnati, Social Justice Awareness and Global Health Experiences class

December 2021. Northwestern U. Medical School Explore Global Health podcast: https://www.globalhealth.northwestern.edu/events/podcast/lasker.html?fbclid=IwAR2xfxpleVVZYqJVhh6n7sbKENuRagAqGPtBbRhLWTKKTI9XbuNz3kZcn-U

November 2021. Olam Focal Point Conference, session on skilled volunteers

August 2021. Emory University pre-medical students

July 2021. Lehigh Valley Health Network global health course

May 2021. The American College of Academic International Medicine, annual conference

April 2021. Global Oral Health Conference, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Dentistry

March 2021. HPA the Catalyst, American Physical Therapy Association, Global Health Special Interest Group.  “An Interactive Forum to Explore The Brocher Declaration;
A Call to Maximize the Value and Minimize the Harm of Short-Term Engagements in Global Health”

February 2021. Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders.

January 2021. Medical School for International Health and Centre for Global Health of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University

October 2020. Consortium of Universities for Global Health. “Improving Short-term Global Health Activities: Introducing Declaration and Advocacy for Global Health Partnerships.”

Baylor Pre-Health Honor Society;

University of Minnesota, Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility

June, 2020. Symposium on The Ethics and Impact of Short-term Programs in Global Health; Translating Research into Action, Brocher Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland.

October, 2019. Milwaukee School of Engineering.

May, 2019. Conference on “Compassion, Ethics & Excellence in Global Health” co-sponsored by Catholic Health Association, MedSurplus Alliance, and the Task Force for Global Health, Decatur GA.

March, 2019. Consortium of Universities for Global Health, Chicago, IL.

March, 2019. Des Moines University, Des Moines, IA.

January, 2019. Penn State Medical School, Hershey, PA.

November, 2018. UNESCO Bioethics Conference, Jerusalem, Israel

November, 2018. Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI.

October, 2018. New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ.

August, 2018. European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care, Lisbon, with Shira Siegel.

August, 2018. Society for the Study of Social Problems conference, Philadelphia, with Sarah Stanlick.

August 2018. African Forum on Research and Education in Health, Durban, South Africa. Poster with Efua Mantey et al.

August, 2018. Project Helping Hands summit, Portland, OR. Consulting with Board and speaking at Volunteer Summit.

July, 2018. Conference of American College of Academic International Medicine. SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

June, 2018. Webinar, Midwifery Institute at Jefferson University

May, 2018.  NAFSA Association of International Educators conference, Philadelphia, PA. Poster with Sarah Stanlick

May, 2018. Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, Center for Global Health

May, 2018. American Dental Association Foundation, Chicago.

May, 2018. Northwestern University, Buffett Institute for Global Studies, Evanston, Il.

April, 2018. Webinar, Global Alliance of Nursing and Midwifery.

March, 2018. Consortium of Universities for Global Health.

February, 2018. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

February, 2018  Eastern Sociological Society, Baltimore, MD

December, 2017. Association of International Education Administrators Workshop, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.

November, 2017. Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

October, 2017. Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT.

August, 2017. African Forum on Research and Education in Health, Accra Ghana

June, 2017. Ethics of Help, University of Minnesota

May, 2017. DePauw University

April, 2017. Consortium of Universities for Global Health

December, 2016. Einstein Medical School global health conference, New York, NY

December, 2016. Student volunteer conference, U. of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

October, 2016. International Service Learning Conference, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

September, 2016. Timmy Global Health conference, Indianapolis, IN

August, 2016. European Society on Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care, Zagreb, Croatia

June 22, 2016. United Nations University/Maastricht University, The Netherlands

June 2, 2016. University of Bradford, Bradford, United Kingdom

April 27, 2016. Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

April 25, 2016. CCE conference, Lehigh University

April 11, 2016. GASP working group, San Francisco, CA

March 31, 2016. University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

March 17, 2016. Eastern Sociological Society, Boston, MA

March 17, 2016. Harvard University School of Dental Medicine, Cambridge, MA

Feb. 24, 2016. Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA

Jan 28, 2016. Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology research colloquium, Lehigh University

Jan. 7, 2016. Medical School for International Health, Beer Sheva, Israel